Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Favorite things

I'm not picky- Yeah, and I'm not a mind reader. So why don't you just say what you want rather than say I'm not picky, do what you want... and then get pissed off because it is not what you wanted????

Spinning and Pilates class???- What the heck is that? If I go to a hour spinning class it is because I was the cardio benefit of an hour spinning class. I am really confused when you want me to spin for 45 min, then you expect me to flop around on a mat on the floor after I am all sweaty and slippery. I also REALLY appreciate you being able to fit YOGA into it to. Next time can we do water Yoga, and mix in some zumba? c'mon people

Totally off the subject- So I went to a zumba class today, and there was this lone guy in the class. Quite the rarity actually to have one good looking marine in a zumba class with like 20 other gym moms. I was pretty amused about it, untill I saw the teacher. At first nothing special cute girl with red and blonde hair, nothing out of the ordinary. Untill she started dancing. HOLY COW white girls aren't supposed to be able to move their butts like that! Seriously, I found my self just standing there, hypnotized by the booty. I have never seen anything like it. So for me it just made me feel inadaquit, and I felt totally lame being in the class. I know why single and handsome was there though... LOL

My son is the best!- No sarcasm there, he really is! So he told me when he grows up he wants to build houses. I asked him if he would build one for me and he said yeah, then he added "but I would build one for Daddy next door so you guys wouldn't have to fight. "

From the mouth of babes huh? I'm actually really embarassed to post this but sometimes you have to remember the bad as well as the good

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