Saturday, May 16, 2009

my plans...

1. This weekend...

Dan leaves on Monday for a few weeks, I am not too thrilled about him leaving. SO being the passive aggressive person that I am, I am going to feed him eggs all day on sunday. We are going to start with steak and eggs in the morning, then egg salad sandwiches for lunch, for a snack? Bacon and egg quiche. Lastly for dinner I will make him some kind of egg thing as well. I will make sure there is some quiche left over for him to take with him in the morning.

So are you wondering why exactly this is passive agressive? If Danny eats too many eggs, which he loves eating, he rips the NASTIEST farts ever. So I am thinking it should make the bus ride to AP hill a little more interesting for the other guys :)

2. While dan is gone...

I am going to try and lose 10 lbs. I still go to the gym all the time, but it has become a place to relax without kids rather than a place to work out. So I have become a little lazy, and I have been eating massive amounts of junk food. For instance the carrot cake I had for breakfast this morning.

10 lbs might be a little high, but it is a nice round number. What am I supposed to aim for??? 8. I always eat healthier while Dan is gone, and hopefully I can keep my butt moving in the gym :)

3. June 3rd.

I am going to drive up to virginia and meet my husband at the Marine corps museum in stafford. I am hoping I will be able to meet all the new babies that have been born since I have been gone.


  1. Wow, that is ALOT of eggs!!!!! And your a good wife for making him all those meals! Matt already left "advon" last week, and I can't even remember what I made him the night before....we probably had cereal and popsciles? All the marines will be loving you if the "rotten farts" starts to act up!

  2. ooooh this sounds exciting. not the egg part. i love eggs but i hate getting egg butt from them. and i DO get it...bad.

    i like the dirving up to stafford part and the working out part. aim for 7 lbs because i'll have 7 ppl in my family.