Monday, May 11, 2009

Anti-cellulite recipe :)

Ok, so here is my recipe. no, I am not crazy :)

The base is....

coffee grounds and olive oil or jojoba oil

The coffee grounds adds caffeine, and exfoliates skin really well. Caffeine is the main ingredient in most over the counter anti cellulite treatments. Caffeine increases blood flow, and acts as a diuretic, so it dehydrates fat cells. The olive oil is mainly a carrier oil, but it is also very good for the skin and leaves the skin feeling very soft.

other things I add:
Rosemary essential oil- Tones skin (don't use while pregnant)
Grapefruit or citrus essential oils- works as astringent/ detox
Fennel oil

So that's it. I don't measure I just put used coffee grounds in a bowl, add a good amount of oil, then add essential oils. The massage while applying goes a long way. It also increases blood flow. So get neked, get in the shower and apply it libberly wherever you have cellulite. Rub it in and use it to exfoliate. Leave it on about 10 min. Then turn on water and rinse off. Results are temporary, and you should notice a difference after 1-3 times.

Don't try and rinse off in the bath tub, it has to be the shower.... this is kinda messy :)

Easy huh? I have also read that Caffeine is in a lot of face products, and eye creams and such. I am considering trying coffee grounds on my face as well. I will not add the oils, I might try just adding some to my face wash. If nothing else it will exfoliate.

So let me know if you try it.


  1. Okay, so start packaging it and sell it! You probably would have alot of clients here in Jville!

  2. oh my gosh..i can't do this because you have to do it in the shower and i have a fear of showers. it's a long story. search "mexican spider" in my blog and you'll see it. DANG.

    maybe one day i'll get butt neked and have austin spray me with the hose outside.

  3. Jessica... how do you clean yourself? sponge bath?