Saturday, May 9, 2009

Let me begin with the truth... I have had a few glasses of wine tonight. So enjoy :)

Today I got the most awesome mothers day gift!! A freaking surf board! I took surfing lessons a few weeks ago, and it was the one thing I REALLY REALLY wanted but I thought it was really selfish to get. Dan and I agreed that it was a mothers/fathers day gift, because he says he is really interested in surfing as well. So here is the picture of the beauty.... I guess I need to come up with a name for the board :)This is just a picture of it on a bed, but we actually went out to the beach today and tried it out. I would have had pictures of that as well, but I have a horrible fear of taking my camera to the beach. I am afraid I will get it wet or sandy and have it break. So anyways Dan and I and the kids went to the beach. I had a brand new (used) surfboard so I wanted to get the the water QUICK! Well I started putting sunscreen on the kids... Then I expected Dan to finish... well our communication must have been horrible. Because ALL of us have sun burns!!! I know the last post has an edited picture of my sunburn last week. I guess suburns are contagious, because now that I am getting over mine... well see for your self

My poor Tommy, I was being so care full when I did his face not to get it in his eyes. He has burnt spots around his eyes. Dan got sunscreen on his belly and legs, but Tommy's poor back Oh my Gosh is so red!!...

My Georgia has really pretty skin. It is pretty dark naturally, darker than Dan's even. Oh the Indian blood coming out in her. I was hurrying when I put the sunscreen on her, I got it on her face and on her back quickly. But I missed right by her straps and her shoulders.

Lastly my baby Kat. Yes, even her. Hers is just barely, but how do you justify it at all on a little tiny 6 month old? There is one half of her face that got pink, even though she was out of the sun most of the time.

I feel like the most horrible mom ever! They keep waking up crying because they hurt. I went and bought aloe and burn spray so they would feel better. And they have all had Tylenol.

My husband has it worst of all!! He did not put any sunscreen on and he is burnt! I don't feel responsible for the burn but I hate seeing him uncomfortable.

So enough about sunburns already, Yes, we know what causes them, and Yes we know how to prevent them. (even though I didn't do a good job)

COCKROACHES!!--- Holy mother of all swear words. This is the one thing I can't handle. We live in an area that is infamous with cockroaches, they were here when we first moved in. I had an exterminator out in Feb after we moved in this house. Once again the problem with this house is it is all owner DIY and lots of issues with it including lots of hiding places for insects.

So as I was coming upstairs I saw one. AHHHHHHHHHHH! I really don't see them that often but when I do they scare me to death. So I grab a shoe... and smooch him, and twist, hoping to tear his body apart. But the bastard is FAST, He is trying to get away. I am screaming and hitting the stairs with the shoe. The dogs start barking and try to come save me, but I got him. Here is a picture after I killed him.

So I check on him 15 min later after I calm down. I figure I better get the body out of the way and throw it away... yeah well it is still alive!!! if you notice the head is completely removed from the body and guts are squished out, but it is still moving (I thought about getting a video). NASTY NASTY creatures!!!! My biggest fear is that one day I am going to find out when I am putting my shoes on... GAHHHH! Maybe that is why I have only been wearing sandals.

Well anyways, I really had a freaking awesome day today. Even with the sunburn and cockroaches. I hope everyone has a wonderful mothers day tomorrow :)


  1. White vinegar will take the burn out better than aloe or burn spray. Cockroaches are so nasty! Just call them "palmetto bugs" like they do in South Carolina.

  2. sunburns are inevitable in my family. i do my best but everyone seems to get atleast ONE bad one at the beginning of the summer. ur not a bad mom, just normal.

    love the board, it rocks.