Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I was trying to be nice... I swear!

Have you ever had a day where you were really trying to be nice, but it kept getting messed up???

Today was one of those days for me. Dan came home from work, and showed me a bug bite that he had. He then got into the shower. When he got got out of the shower it looked like the bug bite had spread... FAST! He had blisters all over his arms and back. So I told him he needs to have it looked at. As he was about to walk out the door, we looked at it again and noticed it was just where his sunburn was. His sunburn was blistering and peeling, he was scratching it and said I wish I just had sandpaper to rub all this skin off. I offered my exfoliant. Well have you ever heard the saying rubbing salt into a wound?? oops... bad idea

He goes to rinse it off and for some reason he decided to try to do it without getting all the way in the shower... I offer to help. I get a cup, and dump water all over his back. This spreads it up his neck and head. Apparently not what he wanted.

Then he is looking for a towel dripping water all over my floors. Do you want some help finding a towel I ask? so I hand him the nearest one I could find. I noticed it was in an odd place, but didn't think much of it. While he is using it he starts YELLING... I was thinking sheesh what now??? Well apparently the dogs layed on the towel I gave him. Then he rubbed hair all over his back. NASTY!!

So then he goes to the fridge, and find out I had drank the last beer. oops :) He starts ranting about how he is going to start a blog titled... "the stupid things Kim does" kinda mean, but well deserved. I told him I would go get him a 12 pack if he did not start that blog.

did you even know they sold Nasty light in bottles??

I get to the shell station grab some cheap nasty beer, and go to check out. The guy asks me how old I am. I pause... wait... umm... 23... then he asks to see my ID. I guess most people know their age right away. Then I realize CRAP... I'm not 23 I'm 24. Now I look like I have a fake ID, I am buying crappy beer so I look like a college student. So then I try and distract him from my mistake. You guys sell socks? that's weird, do you sell many? Then he says... That's not the weirdest thing we sell. I said oh yeah? he then says WEED!!!

OMG!! this guy just offered to sell me WEED! So now I look like a poor college student who apparently must want weed???? GAH! I finish buying the beer and get out of there.

One last picture of the day just for giggles.... this is why I have to hide peanut butter in my house. If she finds the peanut butter, like she did today. She takes a big hand full and it is like her movie snack and will just lick it until it is gone. On the plus side, it keeps her occupied....


  1. So, in the good ol' town of Trashville....socks = weed?!?! Thanks! I'll remember that next time I go to a quick store and strangely ask for a pair of socks?!?

  2. i was noticing georgia looking a little frail anyway so the protein is good for the tiny woman.

    jake and kora would be very dissapointed in you for buying beer....let alone...WEED.

    i think i woul dhave liked to see you two clowns trying to get the blisters off. sounds exciting.