Friday, May 22, 2009

may 22, 2009

Today started at 1am with a phone call. Usually when you get a phone call at 1am it is something really important. So I was startled awake, jumped up and got the phone. It was my friend complaining about her divorce, which if it was a new or urgent complaint I might understand a phone call at that time. No, no... her divorce was over a year ago. So back to bed at 1:30.
Then dogs barking, cats attacking my feet, Tommy and Georgia both had bad dreams, and I had to feed the baby. Then 6:30 rolls around and the kids think it is time to wake up. So I turned on cartoons and laid on the couch. Knock knock, the neighbor needs jumper cables at 7 am. Ring Ring, my husband FINALLY calls me (at 7:30) because he wants me to check the weather and send him a text. Go upstairs check the weather txt him with the report, then back on the couch. Lay down... baby crying. At this point I gave up trying to sleep.
In this time period Georgia was able to:
A. Get into the peanut butter
B. Dye the bathtub yellow
C. Bleach her hair
D. color all over herself with red permanent marker
E. all of the above
The answer was E!!! I have no idea how she turned the bathtub yellow, how she got into the haircolor, or where she found the red permanent marker. The peanut butter thing happens a lot. NOT a good start to the day

I rinsed out Georgias hair as fast as I could but you can see, she did change her hair color a little... its not too obvious.

The rest of the day we just played dress up, took pictures, went to the gym (144.6 lbs), went to the dollar store. It turned out to be a pretty fun day, but it did not start out well.

I'm so in love with this baby!!

What a handsome boy my son is!\

Georgia playing dress up


  1. ur kids look so precious in these picturs!! u gotta stop that peanut butter thing, i would go CRAZY with all that sticky....oh my gosh, i have a thing with sticky.

  2. OMGosh....your Georgia is such a mess isn't she! She is into EVERYTHING!!!! What in the world did she use to the bathtub?!? I love all the pics of the kids, they look adorable!!!!

  3. Love the baby foot in Georgia's hair dye pic. :)

    That is so funny that she was able to get into so much in such a short time!