Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I can't stand this nasty little town

So I set up an ad on a local website, all you Jvillers know the one. I said I was would do hair out of my house. I got an email, saying I shouldn't take business from local salons. They continued on to say that I probably live for free in base housing and we don't pay taxes. She went on a rampage insulting the military in this town. The locals think the military families have it SO easy... I say let them join... If this is the life they want c'mon and join.

So here is my response:

LOL- I actually appreciate you being concerned about my license being legit.

Living on base is not free. If you live on base they take a large portion of income out of your check, its called your BAH. There are a lot of perks to being in the military, our theaters on base are really cheap, ooh and our commissary sells food for less than a grocery store in town. so if you envy the amount a private makes (1,399 a month) maybe you too should join the military, that way you could live on base for "free"

The name calling is really cute, did you make it up yourself? Kitchen beautician... it even rhymes.

I really hope you have a wonderful day, because really your ignorance has made mine :)

Have you guys ran into this attitude? I can't stand it, and I run into it a lot. If camp Lejeune was not in this town. This town would not exist.


  1. LOL! Love your response to her! And yes....this town of ours would not have anything at all here IF we weren't here to populate it! We bring so much to this community, and yet the locals still DO NOT appreciate us! Very intersting. I wonder what this "women" and her "husband" does for a living? Is it something that WE support for them to make their living?

    BTW...what website was it?!?! Was it the lejeuneyardsales.com?

  2. Yes, it was LYS... I know the woman is a stylist and my opinion about taking business from a salon? You NEVER have to worry about losing your clients if you keep them happy. It has been my experience that customers are VERY loyal once they finally find a stylist they like.

    So yes, us military families definently support her, where would she be without the 47,000 men at camp lejeune that need haircuts on a weekly basis? Not to even mention the wives and childern.

    Maybe I should open a franchise of bikini cuts and really take some business :)

  3. That is so incredibly rude! I hate people who are idiots about military life. Yes, there are perks, but we get those perks for a reason...you know, because the Marine is putting his/her life on the line for these stupid idiots! I just want to pile them all on a boat and send their ass to some third world country for a while. Let them find their own way home.

  4. HILarious...i loved ur repsonse, it's perfect. sure, if they wanna piece of this, come on! i say u keep on cuttin and be proud of it. amber and i will find u some GOOD customers that aren't out to get you!