Thursday, May 28, 2009


I went through some of the pictures I had on my computer and I got a little nostalgic. These are the ones that stood out too me.

My Tommy has always been the sweetest little boy. He is a little trooper, in his little life already he has moved 8 times. I can't say enough about him. As a baby he went everywhere with us, we never left him at home. One day I am going to write a full blog about him (and one about each of the girls).

This is the very first time Dan met baby Georgia. It was in an airport, and she slept through the whole thing but I love this picture because he is holding her so tight. Dan came back to visit for one week during his airforce training. Even though we had 2 kids, it was truly like a honeymoon. It was the best week I have ever spent with him.

This is a picture of my grandpa Foster. He is someone I really look up to. I just adore the way he has aged, he has just never became old. He really doesn't seem much older to me now than he did when I was a kid. In this picture he is holding Georgia. He has always had such an amazing way with her :)

This is me and my nephew Zach, who I miss dearly. He is such a sweet little boy, and he has such a sweet spirit, but all boy.

This was one of the most memorable days of my life. While Dan was PA in the airforce he took me up in a KC- 130 and we flew from Layton Utah all the way to the grand canyon. All the sudden I look out the window and there were 5 F-16's flying in formation right outside my window!! I got to actually watch the f-16 refuel... absolutly amazing. This was also the day that I decided to let Dan follow his dreams and become a marine.

I tried so hard one day to take "sexy" pictures for Dan with my friend Ashley... I really liked this one, but Dan hated them ALL!! LOL

This is me as a little girl, does it remind you of Georgia at all??? I think so

This is my friend Ashley and me, I'm the one in the ridiculous hat. The day we met we just hit it off, we did all kinds of crazy things together. We played strip poker on a LDS church roof, we would take clothes in fitting rooms and try them on and take pictures, we really did everything together. The only shame is we have totally different taste in guys, in highschool it was good because we never wanted to date the same guy. But it seems after highschool we have grown apart because of the men in our lives. It makes me really sad, so Ash, if you read this, you and I need to meet up for a girls weekend.

This was my wedding day. I was 19 and 5 months pregnant, Dan was 20. It was a really scary time, but the one thing that I love about this picture is how tightly we were holding eachothers hands. No matter how crazy life was, we could hold on to eachother. I can't say the last 5 years have always been easy, but I would say it was worth it.

This is my little Kat, its amazing how young she is but how many different stories I have about her. One of the scariest moments was the day after she was born when her doctor came in and woke up me up and said "Katherine is not able to breathe on her own we are going to have to put her on a ventilator". I thought I was going to lose my baby. I am SO thankful for this little child that I have been blessed with.

Well thats it for now. I'm sure I will have many more nostalgic moments to come :)

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  1. how lovely!!!! my favorite is the sexy picture. u look great! why didn't dan like them!?