Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dr. appt

Today we went to the ENT and we finally found out what was wrong with Georgias ears. So let me back up a bit. Georgia had ear infections constantly as a baby, she was on anti-biotics from the time she was 1 or 2 months old untill she got tubes put in at 9 or 10 months.

Tommy had really bad speech delays because of waiting to long to get tubes put in. So with Georgia I really pushed getting tubes put in as soon as possible. So she got her tubes and was doing really well, then all the sudden she gets a TON of nasty pussy drainage from her ear. I went back to the ENT- I was told it is really common to get ear infections even with the tubes. The drainage just comes out of the ear rather than staying behind the ear drums. Just use anti-biotic ear drops. So we would use the drops, and about once a month the goo would come back.

Sometimes I could tell she was in a lot of pain, and sometimes it didn't seem to bother her. So I would put off getting more medicine if it didn't really bother her. So this goes on for a LONG time, we have seen like 6 different pediatricians in this time and the all say the same thing. Finally I go to a dr. that is not a pediatrician and I told her the history, and basically, can you just give me the medicine... She looks at me and says "you know this isn't normal, right?"

I was thinking well, it's pretty normal for us... but I was glad she got sent to a new ENT. The first ENT visit they said, well she has a lot of discharge from the ear so give her the anti-biotic ear drops... I thought it was a HUGE waste for me to go in there. Then I had to make a new appointment. So that brings us to today.

There was no pus in her ear and the Doctor could see her eardrum, and said her body had a reaction to the tube in her left ear and basically built a layer of skin around it. That is what is causing all the pus and drainage. (think giant pimple on her ear drum). I looked at the doctor completely shocked and said "what?" and he said, its really rare.

They gave her more ear drops, and yet another appointment in 3 weeks. Because they can't see the tubes inside "pimple" they don't know if the tubes are still in the tympanic membrane, or if the "pimple" is just holding the tube there. They are hoping the steroids will get rid of the thing so they can see the tube and the rest of the ear drum.

I am not completely sold on this theory. You know when you hear something in a doctors office that shocks you, you don't always think to ask good questions. I mean how does someone have a reaction to that only in one ear and not the other? There is like a million questions floating around in my head... I can't believe this is even possible

**** OH MY GOSH*** I totally just googled it because I kinda thought the dr. was full of it. One of the risks of surgery is

Foreign body reaction to the tube itself - for example, an allergic reaction to the tube material (rare)

I am completely flabbergasted!! These tubes have been in her ear for 2 years and 3 months!!! WTF!!! I think i just earned another nomination for the mother of the year award


  1. oh my gosh...this is nuts. don't u always feel like when u go to the doctor the news they tell you is always like SO RARE and uncommon and YOU'RE the one with the problem or the child with the rara condition. why do they do that? to freak us out? ugh.

    i hope it gets solved.

    and do me a favor. don't ever use the word "pimple" in front of my again. it makes me gag.

  2. Dude, unless you are a dr. and have the little thingy to look in her ear and know what you're looking at you had no way of knowing what was going on and no reason not to trust the drs.

    Now then, that is so freaking crazy! At least now you have a doctor who is being proactive and hopefully it all gets solved.

  3. Okay, seriously.....WTC!!!!! I am just wondering why in the world it took a "doctor" 2yrs and 3mths to find this out!?!?! That is insane!!!!! Poor Georgia! So, does she even have any hearing out of that ear at all? How can she if there is skin completely covering it? I hope that the steriods help and they can get a good look in there and do something about it! That is NOT normal!!! Obviously, its "rare"!