Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers day weekend!

This weekend has been amazing :) I got to go spend time in the ocean on my new surf board, I really suck and surfing right now, but I love it! My sweet Tommy made me a mothers day card. All on his own, no one even told him to do it. This weekend was so perfect to recharge my spirits.

I have been rearranging my house lately and trying to figure out the best place to have my salon area. I think I found it! I cut my husbands hair tonight and the lighting was PERFECT! I am really excited to have a room specifically designated for doing hair. I can not wait to start really doing hair again. I really take a lot of pride in doing hair, and I really get frustrated that I am doing it out of my house rather than in a nice salon.

Every time I try to stop doing hair, I find myself missing it so badly. So I am really hoping that if I am able to create a nicer area in my home, that I will be able to feel proud of my work and where I am working.

I am off to make my homemade anti-cellulite goo. Really, it actually works. It's not a permanent fix, but it works long enough to get my butt in a bikini :) I was thinking about doing before and after pictures, but really how many pictures of my butt do you really want to see?


  1. Glad you had a great Mother's Day weekend!

    Where did you put your salon at now?!?! I'm sure I'll be seeing it soon with Isabel and Ian needed a cut soon!

    And there is a cure for cellulite?!?!? I NEED some of that!!!!

  2. yea u need to post the recipe for the anti cellulite goo. i think we could all use a little of that. and before and after all you want. we love your but with that big white square on it!