Thursday, June 11, 2009

UPDATE*** dinner at the CO's house

1. The CO and his wife asked Avery why she cut Georgias hair. The answer "we didn't like the bow in her hair"

2. The shirt was NEVER to be found. The CO and his wife turned the house upside down. Georgias shirt completely disapeared.

3. I ended up cutting Georgia's hair short... It was looking pretty funky. It looks pretty funky short too, but at least it is not a mullet.


  1. I always just cut stuff I don't like. Too funny about the shirt! We need pics of the new do!

  2. are u gonna show us? was the shirt like mega ultra important?

    i need a haircut.

  3. You need to tell the wife that it was a shirt of yours when you were a kid and that it was completely IRREplaceable...(is that even how you spell that word?).

  4. The shirt was probably stained, and totally unimportant... I was thinking about sending before and after pictures of the hair, but the Wife (whom I totally forgot her name) is pretty embarrassed about the whole thing.