Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blogger Constipation

So I feel like blogging, I really do... I just have nothing to say.

-We went to the park today, it turned into a real hassle and I don't want to talk about it
- I am getting ready for Dan to leave for 45 days, I have mixed feelings and don't want to talk about that either
- My kids are all doing well.
- I've been playing tetris online at night instead of sleeping

So that's pretty much it. I guess you will just have to wait for blogger diarrhea to hit :) I was going to upload a picture, but thats not even working! Oh well, just wait untill I haven't spoken to an adult in a few days. That always gets the blog going.


  1. Hi Kim-I LOVE reading your blogs-they make me smile, laugh, you name it! I even went and got the stuff to make that sinful dessert you posted (even if they DO look like road apples).

    Hey, are you guys still trying to make a road trip out this way before Dan leaves? I know he had mentioned it in April but I wasn't sure how that was shaping up.

    Just keep me posted on how things are going and I'll do whatever I can to help you-love you guys!

  2. u sound terrible. i think i need to come get my hair cut so you can have adult convo. find me on chat one day girl or let's meet at the pool. sound good? i'll text you every time i go so you know it's always an open invitation.

  3. Okay, but lets just hope that you don't have a wet fart next time....that would be bad!

  4. go check my blog lady. i left u a prize there.

  5. Funny! I think we all encounter blogger CONSTIPATION! I think they have some type of medicine for that, maybe the award over at Jess's will make you have a blogger movement.

    HA! I am Crystal and I found your link thru The Lowe Family News. I will be reading more!!!