Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dinner at the CO 's house

this is a picture of Georgia on her birthday

we will call it the "before" picture

Last night we were invited to a BBQ at the CO' s house. The food was fabulous, there was wives to chat with, and a bunch of kids running around. It was a really nice evening.

The kids really were doing a great job playing together, there was no fighting at all. Then the moment came, one of the older kids came down stairs and said something about someones hair being cut. All the mothers stood up and started running up stairs. Who did what to who??

So what happened is my daughter was wearing a little pony tail on the top of her head with a cute little bow on it. The CO's daughter simply cut the pony tail and bow off. Then my daughters shirt was dirty so I think little Avery thought Georgia should change her clothes.

This is what her hair looks like now, notice the little spikeys on top.

(yes I know she has egg on her face from breakfast)

We get up stairs and see hair all over the bed and on the floor, and my little Georgia sitting on the bed with her new haircut. And Georgia was wearing a different shirt. Now this added a whole new awkward element to the evening. I went to the bathroom for a min, because I admit it, I cried about it. Then we started trying to find Georgia's shirt, we asked the helpful little 3 year olds they said "it was dirty" and would not tell us where it was. We looked everywhere, it simply disappeared.

So that was pretty much how the night ended. Avery's parents were HORRIBLY embarrassed, and I felt really bad for them. That's what 3 year olds do though... really I know it is to be expected. If it didn't happen now, it would have happened later. So we took our daughter home wearing Avery's shirt, with the promise of the husbands switching shirts back at work.

I have waited for 3 years to be able to do ANYTHING with Georgia's hair. There still isn't enough to do much with it. I know there is a good possibility of people thinking I am being melodramatic... but I'm a hairstylist!! All I want is a daughter with hair!

So what am I going to do with with my daughters now mullet? Dan thinks I should cut all her hair off and let it grow in. I think I am not going to do anything and just gradually get it back into a style. I think she will be wearing a lot of bows and headbands.


  1. OMgosh...I thought foresure that Georgia did this to her own hair!!!! Girl, I feel so bad for you!!!!! I know how much you've talked about how you can't wait for her hair to come in more. How awful!!!!! Maybe she could style some hair extensions?

  2. ME too!! when i read ur facebook i thought she had gotten into something but how even MORE horrible for the CO's kid to have done it to her!! i bet they wanted to curl up in a ball and just DIE. she still looks precious though, a cute little face that would look good with ANY style!

  3. The third pic is totally a "mullet" expression on her face! I can't believe this happened. I know how you feel about wanting a daughter with hair. Madelyn has so little I would be in tears too if what little she had got cut off.

    On the plus side at least it wasn't Georgia cutting the CO's daughters hair. :)

  4. I was TOTALLY thinking... thank god my daughter wasn't the one cutting!!!

  5. ohhhh this is sad but so funny! I know how you feel about wanting to do your daughters hair. Nevaeh's hair just will not grow fast enough. I would cry if her hair was cut off!