Wednesday, June 17, 2009

trip to the aquarium and a snack

Today I was in the mood to drive and get away from the house for a few hours, so we went to the aquarium. It was a nice aquarium, but poor Georgia was not in the mood for it. So my first picture is of the incredibly rude woman who had no idea of her surroundings. She walked in front of my camera SO many times as I was trying to take pictures of my kids! So finally I figured if she wanted me to have a picture of her SO darn bad I would just take one... SHE wins... SHE now has a picture of her butt on the Internet... SO THERE!!

Tommy and Georgia got bored with all the fish and sea creatures, but they never got bored of the ones they could climb on. As we were leaving I asked Tommy what his favorite part was and he said when we took a break and got smoothies. Darn it... next time skip the aquarium and just get the smoothies! Then he said his other favorite part was digging for sharks teeth.
(he found 3!)

These are albino frogs... weird huh?

So this is the snack... not beautiful but OH SO YUMMY! you take a package of oreos and crunch them up with a package of cream cheese roll them in balls and dip them in chocolate (the white chocolate ones are WAY better). Then throw them in the freezer to cool off.
The trick is to figure out how to stop eating them before you have downed a package of oreos, a package of cream cheese and a package of chocolate chips. I don't even want to think about the amount of calories I ate!


  1. How fun! Which aquarium did you go to? Don't you just love when people are completely unaware of their surroundings! I HATE it!!!!

  2. My butt grew three inches just reading about that snack. Thanks.

  3. yea which one did u go to? pine knoll shores? i'm thinking of taking the kids there one day next month.