Thursday, June 11, 2009

pictures pictures pictures

This is what the new hair cut looks like when it is all dolled up with a bow...
It usually looks like this for about a min--- THENThen It looks like this for the rest of the time.
The face is a special touch for the picture
Tommy wanted to get in on some of the face making action too.
SO then I just HAD to include the baby... She was making a face too, she is just not as good at it as Tommy and Georgia


  1. Where are the pink tips?!?!

    Okay, seriously, I would send a picture of Georgia...the 2nd picture you have on here, and send it to the CO's wife....poor Georgia!!!!

    And of course, Tommy and Katherine are adorable. They needed some attention:)

  2. georgia has such a lovely face it doesn't matter what her hair looks like. i think she's beautimous!

  3. I love the sassy little do with the bow in it! Tommy looks very mischivous in his picture and Katherine is just adorable!