Friday, June 12, 2009


Today, I was supposed to do hair for a girls high school graduation. She was supposed to come over right after her rehearsal ended at 10 am. Right now it is 12:16... I knew the rehearsal could go long, not a big deal. He much older sister had arranged all of this with me, and I told her if it is going to be after 11am you need to call me so I can make my plans for the day.

12:10 rolls around, and still no one shows up. I call the older sister and she says "well between you and my mother calling I have not had time to get ready to pick her up, so she had to walk home"

So first of all, she was blaming ME?? for making her late? for calling her because SHE is running like 2 hours late?

So then I don't say anything about that and she says she will be here with in an hour. I have stayed at home waiting for her, I am supposed to go somewhere and fill out paperwork for a job, I am supposed to be meeting a friend today. But instead I am sitting here waiting for her, and she doesn't even apologize? Why was I the one who had to call her?

If it wasn't for the fact that it is this girls high school graduation today, I would have left and not called. My annoyance is really with the older sister, and it sounds like this poor girls day has been crappy enough.

I just wish she would understand that my time is just as valuable as hers.


  1. That sucks!!!! So, YOU was doing a "local" girl a favor and they crap on u! How nice!!!! Gosh my grammer sucks right now! Sorry!!! People r just completely inconsiderate!!!!

  2. What the crap! I hope you let the older sister know just how upset this made you. If she had been going to a salon the stylist wouldn't have waited, they should treat you the same way they would a salon.

    How long does it take the older sister to get ready anyway? Especially if she's just going to pick up her sister? Ridiculous!

  3. yea i was gonna say the same thing. those locals...

    ur nicer than me.
    i would have left and not answered her calls. thats just plain rude.