Friday, July 17, 2009

Learning to blog

I have been playing around with the blogger tools and I ran across the webmaster tool. I just found out my site has been indexed by google! If you search "pussy drainage" in google my blog is the 50th site that pops up!

Wow, now that's something to be proud of... now everyone go out and search for pussy drainage on google! Just kidding of course, heavens knows what you would find.

At first I was quite concerned on how pussy drainage linked to my site. To me it sounds like a bad way to refer to a womans monthly cycle, or maybe something that happens after you give birth?

I figured it out though, it was in reference to "dr appt"-- about a really bad ear infection Georgia had that she had pus draining from her ear. (link below)

So I wonder, after I post this am I going to move up on the googles list for "pussy drainage"? YIKES!


  1. LOL!!!! Serioulsy....the "p" word is a nasty word!!!! That is just as bad as the "c" word! You must be completely bored to have found that and counted that your #50!

    I wonder what my google search for mine would be?!? When your bored again, do mine and let me know what comes up for me.

    Lets get together so that you don't have so much free time on your hands! I'm worried about you!

  2. ohhh wow too funny. Yeah i am sure you have moved up on the list.

  3. So I didn't say anything for the original post but I had to re-read that sendtance several times to read it as pus draining from her ear. Just think of your google hits now! You should post an apology to all the weirdos looking for something else. LOL

  4. i'm cringing at that word. i can't even read it. *shiver*