Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Painting day

Today began just like any other day.... but it wasn't. It was painting day!

I love to paint with my kids. Their artwork is taking over my house and I LOVE IT!

I invited some other friends over but because it was the only sunny day for the week they wanted to go to the pool and get a tan.... LAME :)

So I moved all the furniture out of a room layed out a giant tarp and gave the kids the canvases I bought. I put some paint for each of them in a paper plate and gave them paint brushes and let them go at it.

I had them take off all unnecessary clothing, but for the record if we actually had friends come over they would have been wearing more clothing.

Tommy was very meticulous, he really had a vision and he wanted it done right.

Georgia saw her body as an extension of the canvas a proceeded to paint her body as well.It started out as just the feet for little Katherine, I was going to paint her feet and hold her hands and walk her across the canvas... but she had other ideas
She was very interested in the paint and loved sticking her hands in it at rubbing it all over the canvas...
Have you ever seen a happier baby?? I never thought she would like it so much. I figured she was done once she started to eat the paint though.
Here are the finished products... This is Miss Georgia's

And little Miss Katherine's

This is one we all did together because we had an extra canvas. Tommy Hated this picture because of how "messy" it was

Lastly our very own Picasso, Master Thomas

Everyone got baths we cleaned up the room, with no paint spills on the floor and walls YAY!! I then let the kids watch a movie to wind down a little then I put them to bed. I got a phone call from my incredibly handsome husband and totally assumed my kids were all sleeping little angels... welll ummm.... NO!!
OOOPPS!!! guess what I found in my bed???

Totally covered in my makeup from head to toe!!!
Little Miss Georgia :)


  1. Okay, for the record....I didn't get a tan because I lather myself in lotion so I don't burn....Jess on the other hand looks like Miah now.

    I have always wanted to paint on the canvas. I have been wanting to do that for years, but I guess I'm not as a good of mom as you are!

    Georgia stinkin cracks me up!!!!! Seriously!!!! I think that she made herself a make-up covered mask so that when you found her, you wouldn't know that it was her! She is so smart!!!

  2. i can't believe ur friends wanted to go to the pool and tan instead...that IS lame. losers.

    anyway, it looks like fun! when i get back from my trip lets try it again!!!!! my kids will love that. they always beg me to paint.

  3. Wow! Your kids are as creative as you are!! What an awesome idea! The pictures I got on my cell phone were too small for me to really appreciate the art work. I will try to post these to my computer so I can show Dad. Congratulations!

  4. Jess HoFF masterJuly 18, 2009 at 6:41 PM

    Ha-you know, the kids and I live for Georgia's weekly (okay, I know it's hourly) way of decorating herself! Marissa wanted me to be sure and tell you that Georgia looks like a ninja asleep with the makeup on her gorgeous face...

    Oh, and by the way, I just got a Kohls came in the mail today and gues what the name was on the card? Jessica HOTTmaster-hahaha!