Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crazy 6 weeks

The last six weeks have been crazy! Ever since Dan left for 29 palms, life has just gone NUTS... not all bad, but seriously nuts.

1. I have gone through 6 or 7 babysitters... 2 got sent to the ER

2. Cops- I got a speeding ticket (yes, another one)--- The cop didn't even clock me, he was just estimating my speed. I am totally fighting it. The bad news is my court date is when my MIL is going to be in town, I am hoping to reschedule.

3. Roadside assistance I went to the beach one day and locked my keys in the car. The roadside assistance people didn't think me telling them I was parked at the officer beach pavillion at Onslow beach on Camp Lejeune was enough information... So I had to fight with them and got really frusterated... but finally they came and unlocked my car.

4. DMV- I tried to register our truck in NC but I was not able to because I did not have a copy of my husbands military ID. I was sincerly amazed that I had a copy of orders, POA, title, registration, SS card, birth certificate... EVERYTHING under the sun... but no... Even with a copy of orders I guess I could not prove Dan was in the military... sigh...

5. WESTERN UNION Dan ran into a problem and needed money sent fast in 29 palms. So I sent money Via Western Union. Horror story from H***! They did not believe 29 palms was a name of a place. Which I think is fantastic because they have a western Union in exchange on base. So once I finally got them to believe me. They sent the money.... which was great... except they also decided to send the same amount of money to 29 POUNDS CA. as well. They took the money out 2 times!! I called them to fix it and they sounded so helpfull, they promised me the money would be back in the account in 48 hours, they would expidite it, everything they promised me the world.

But I would check each time they said, and it didn't come. I would call back, and they would tell me stories of having the department responcible for refunds calling within an hour. They didn't, so I would call back... and be told they have no such department, it is all computer. Basically they would feed me what ever BS they could to get me off the phone. They told me OH we sent the money, I don't know why your bank hasn't processed it, you should call your bank. I was told My bank has a policy of holding the funds for 7-10 days... called my bank NOPE! This went on for about 20 phone calls. I finally got a lady that told me this was MY fault this happened and I should have corrected the problem sooner. UHHH WHAT??? Well long story short... I got the money back. I will NEVER use WU again

6. Kitten - So not too long ago we found two stray kittens. I took care of them for a couple days but it was another crazy thing for me to deal with so I found them another home. I was happy, Tommy was VERY SAD. So recently we saw this tiny kitten that was obviously not doing well. I ignored him for a few days, but he stayed around outside. My kids started to play with this little one, and the kitten would come to my kids whenever he heard them. So we took the darn thing to the vet to see how bad off it was. The kitten was less than 4 weeks old, mal nurished, worms, infection, fleas you name it. So... we nursed it back, fed and gave it medicine 6 times a day. And now we have a new pet. I'm not thrilled about it, but Tommy is, he has been cleaning the litter box and feeding it. So what the heck. Tommy Named it either M16 or Halo 3 but he wants his dad to decide the final name.

7. Babysitter- I have been having my next door neighbor babysit my kids on Tuesdays and Sundays while I have been at work. She is really great, the kids like her, and she calls herself grandma. The one thing that drives me nuts is insists on naps for the kids, and she will let them sleep as long as they want. I don't know how she gets Georgia to nap, but she has been taking like 4 hour naps while "grandma" is watching her. I would love if Georgia napped for me, but it really screws up her sleep schedule. So on Tuesdays and Sundays Georgia has been staying up untill 1 or 2 am because I just can't get her to sleep. Oh did I tell you that she puts Kat to bed at 4 or 5 in the evening? So after I stay up late with Georgia I have to get up at an ungodly hour with Kat. I have talked to her about this a few times and she says oh yes Georgia takes GOOD naps! This woman is really a blessing to have around, but the nap thing makes me crazy.

8. Wandering Jew- I have a wandering Jew in my house. It is another thing I feel suckered into. A houseplant. I don't like plants. I don't want to be responcible for anymore living things. It is pretty... and I don't want it dead... but sheesh...

9. MIL- I am incredibly lucky to have the MIL that I have. She is visiting about the same time Dan is getting home from 29 palms. I am really looking forward to visit, but I am just seriously exhausted from the last 6 weeks.

10. Georgia - Because no blog post is complete with out something about this little one.
- Potty training- I just decided not to use diapers anymore. I put underwear on her and if she peed then I cleaned it up... I decided we don't have any carpet and she HAS to learn. She kept asking me for diapers, and I just said no. It has been about 4 weeks of cleaning up accidents, but finally she is starting to go to the bathroom on her own. Today was the first day without any accidents. I don't know if this was the right way or not. But honestly Georgias a stubborn girl and I had to show her I was more stubborn.

- Walmart- My daughter makes this incredibly obnoxious screaming sound when she is not in the mood for something and I make her do it. So she did it through walmart, it was just a quick trip... but I was pretty annoyed with her. We got to the cash register and after stopping for a second she started again. I looked at her and just said STOP! The person who was checking us out was really amused by the whole thing and says to Georgia "whats wrong honey" Georgia tipped her chin down so she was looking at me out of the very top of her eyes glaring at me and just points to me. I just can't wait to let Dan have a turn.

Kat- Is getting SO big and adorable! She said DADA for the first time today... I feel a little ripped off, I think it should have been MAMA. But it was still a really special moment. I wish Dan could have been here.

Tommy- Tommy just wants his Dad home so bad, he can't wait! If he likes what we had for dinner he asks if he can save some for dad. If we get treats he wants to save one for dad. He has made a million little pictures for dad. All he talks about is playing video games with dad. And if Dad likes lemonade... this and that... I am so happy that he loves his Dad.... and I feel bad he misses his dad so much. But at this point I am looking forward to Dan being home so maybe I don't have to hear quite so much about him... Is that horrible?

So seriously this is one of the longest blogs ever... and I didn't even cover everything. I just have not had the time or energy to do it before.


  1. Wow, you have had a busy 6 weeks! For your sanity I wish your MIL could have come a little earlier though!

  2. okay this blog made my BP raise. wow. and you're asking ME if I need help?? geez girl...YOU need a day off!!

    i have to admit something though, i had no idea what a wandering jew was (i don't do green) and when i read that title i honestly pictured a jewish man wearing a little jewish hat thing wandering around ur neighborhood. how stupid am i?