Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Man, I hope I get laid tonight

"Dan, my mom reads this!"

"Ok, is she aware we have three kids and are currently married?"

"...sigh... Ok, but you have to annouce you are ghost writing this."

(Kim reads the previous three sentances)


HEY! I'm Kim's husband Dan and I am ghost writing this blog. Do not adjust your computer screens, you just read that. That just happened. Really.

So, Kim got really into blogging a few months back, but it has been a while since her last post, so I decided I should do it. Now, the bad news. I am not equipped with a vagina.

Why does that matter? I don't know. But I thought it best YOU know. If I did have one, that would be weird.

So, I went in to this diatribe on FiST duties, but that got boring and I deleted it. Check out NAVMC 3500.7 Artillery if you are interested. Anyhow, Kim hasn't been up to too much. The kids are good. My job has been extremely bogged down in admin stuff lately, so I could use a break.

So the baby has been getting in to stuff. Georgia has gotten past her monster phase. The more things change I suppose. Kim loves me. She just told me.

Well, now I see why I didn't start a blog. You people are getting this for free. That's crap. You all OWE ME!




P. S. Check you out some FOTC

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