Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Georgia's revenge

Tommy started Kindergarten this last week, and Georgia does not seem to understand. She somehow got it in her head that Tommy gets to go to her favorite place in the world (the beach) while Georgia has to stay home with the baby. It really makes her mad, so she has been finding all new ways of having fun.
While I was doing the dishes I heard the wonderful sound of Georgia and Kat playing together, the cheerful giggles were all through the house. I was SCARED! But I was kind of thankful for the min. alone to actually get the dishes done, and they were obviously ok, so I went ahead and finished the dishes. I then decided to go to the girls room to check on them. This is what I saw...

Then to zoom in on it... Georgia put all her clothes, all the baby clothes, all the blankets and diapers she could find in the baby's crib!! Kat thought it was about the funniest thing she had ever seen, and Georgia was pretty proud of herself too. So then of course I had to refold everything! UGHHH


  1. Leave it to kids. Zach has also been getting mad at me when I need to accomplish something and finds himself things to do. It usually ends up the same way, with more work for me to do. But you have to hand it to them, it is very cute.