Thursday, September 3, 2009


I love my new dentist!!!
So I decided I was going to find a new dentist in town here in Jville. I LOVE my dentist in Virginia but it is time for me to take a big girl pill and be realistic about my time and find one in town. I asked around, called around, and got recommendations. I went into one dentist office in town Anderson and Slack. Everyone in town recommends this office, but I did not feel comfortable at all. I don't know why... But THEN I found :
Karen J. Armstrong, D.M.D.
Bethany K. Tant, D.D.S.
General Dentistry
(910) 346-5600
I have never been so impressed in my life!! First you drive up to this cute little house looking thing. At first I thought it was a little odd and I was slightly worried that it would be a dentist chair set up in someones living room. I was totally wrong but it is a very cute place :)
So then I walk in it is the largest most inviting, professional waiting room I have ever seen! When you walk in to the right is more of a traditional waiting area and then to the left was an area for children with video games, and a train table and movies. I loved it because I was actually ok with letting my kids play without annoying the adults in the other side of the waiting room. They had coffee and tea, and even a little table to sit at. All that in addition the the professional part of the waiting room.
The receptionist was incredibly friendly. She even called me at 8:15 because I thought my consultation was at 9:00, but it was really at 8am! They were still willing to fit me in at 9 for my consultation, which I was SO happy about.

So I had a fabulous consultation, they were very friendly and knowledgeable. I got to see before and after pictures of procedures in their waiting room. I definitely decided that I was ok with bringing my family here for their cleanings.

I know I am going on and on but I was really happy :) during my kids cleanings the hygienists were amazing. I wish I had gotten their names. The one who got Georgia was incredibly patient and actually got to clean her teeth. (She has been to 3 other dentists with no luck) Georgia was then so excited to get a prize from the little prize Machine they have.

Tommy did amazing as always. His hygienist was wonderful as well. He is starting to get his adult teeth in and is expected to start loosing teeth soon!

When I heard Tommy was getting his adult teeth I started to get very nostalgic. He is in kindergarten, loosing teeth... He is growing up so fast on me. It feels like he was just born... and now he is such a big boy! So much has changed in the last 5 years.

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  1. what a precious little house!! i didn't know they had cute houses like that here in jville, i thought everything was hoopty.